Adoption Links

Adoption Links

Rev K C Griffiths

Adoption loss is the only trauma in the world where the victims are expected by the whole of society to be grateful

Reverend Keith C. Griffith, as quoted in an article entitled ‘What we Lost: Undoing the Fairy Tale Narrative of Adoption’, written by Liz Latty in ‘The Rumpus’ – referenced with permission.

Click on the link below to read it.

What We Lost: Undoing the Fairy Tale Narrative of Adoption - The Rumpus

The singular, unavoidable truth about adoption is that it requires the undoing of one family so that another one can come into being.

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Sheila Jeffries

I think this is an important book because it conveys so well the true feelings of an adoptee and how those feelings are not bedimmed by time and age. There is no substitute for our bond with our birth mother.

Best selling author Sheila Jeffries, on the memoir ‘Identity Reclaimed: Echoes of an Adoptee”. Visit her website by clicking on the link below. Among her wonderful books is one about an abandoned child, rescued by a cat, and later adopted. It is entitled ‘Solomon’s Kitten’.

Sheila Jeffries – Author

I'm Sheila Jeffries and I've been a successful children's author under two other names, SHEILA CHAPMAN and SHEILA HAIGH. My best seller was LITTLE GYMNAST published by Apple Paperbacks, USA, and it still has a fan list on the Good Reads web site.

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